your first visit

Your complimentary consultation will take about an hour and give you the opportunity to meet our team and answer any of your initial questions and concerns. We will help you customize a treatment plan that will best meet your needs. During your exam we will take photos, digital (minimal exposure) X-rays and discuss financial information regarding insurance options and payment plans.

Visiting the orthodontist every four to seven weeks is an important part of your orthodontic treatment. Our practice will work with you to make sure your appointments are as convenient as possible. It is very important that you continue to visit your family dentist once every six months for cleanings and routine dental checkups. We are happy to coordinate with your dentist to make sure you are receiving the best care possible.

Request an appointment

request an appointment

Please use the form below, or call 541-716-5032 to request a complimentary exam.


financial guidelines

We understand the financial investment you are making to create a beautiful smile!

We offer a flexible financial plan tailored to your needs. The cost of orthodontic treatment will vary depending on your treatment plan. We will create a payment plan and you will know what to expect before beginning treatment.

We offer several payment options that include the following

  • discount for payments in full
  • discount for multiple family members
  • interest free monthly payment plans

insurance guidelines

We are not a preferred provider for any specific insurance company; insurance benefits may be available for you with our office. Most dental insurance companies will pay for “out of network” providers.

To help minimize your insurance concerns, our office will formally verify your benefits with your insurance company at the time of your consultation. We will take care of all insurance billings, accept payments and assist you with flexible spending accounts.